Your Remote But Accessible Outpost Posted on 9 Feb 10:40

Welcome to CacheAlaska Your Remote Outpost to  find the Necessities for modern day living. We have been working hard all summer to stock up the Cache for the Winter.    We are looking to soon have High Quality Winter Hats available to help keep you warm through the cold season.   Our hats are Designed in Alaska by AlaskaGirlKnits to be warm comfortable and easy to pocket, so you can keep one in every coat.  The Alaska style is simple rugged, where practicality and function are key, because you never know what adventures await you with so much wilderness and harsh weather conditions everywhere you go.    

If you're looking for a project to keep yourself busy through the winter,  check out our AlaskaGirlKnits collection for knitting patterns of elegant shawls and hats designed in for both the casual and more formal occasions.   

We will have more of there designs available as finished products.  Please check them out.  

We'd love to hear from you to know if you'd be interested in these designs as finished products.  

We love to hear from our customers and do our best to meet your needs.   Please leave a comment below, or send us an email to